What to bring to a party without breaking the bank?

dinner party
dinner party

What are the unspoken rules to bring to a dinner party? I use to love formal candlelit dinner parties with like-minded friends and talk about things fabulous. Nowadays, I rather a casual catch-up with friends, have a bit of banter and try to cook something for the first time. Because I’m real and not the best cook and takes me hours to prepare. Haha

On the flip side, what does one bring to the host when invited? Don’t be fashionably late and bring more booze than you need.

These days, finding the right bottle of wine can be overwhelming, not to mention what country, what style and how much. Always show your gratitude within your means, but you shouldn’t lower the quality.

Young and Co wines have three different and delicious red wines on offer that you should consider. Available at your local BWS from AUD $23 per bottle, but do look out for any specials online.

With a youthful and playful design, I had to pour a glass and share what I think of them before I would offer a gift to the host.

Cherry Bomb, French Pinot Nor: ‘Flamboyant’ is how I would describe it, with dark cherry and raspberry flavours. The ever delicate pinot noir grape is light to medium bodied bringing soft tannins and keen aromatics.

Berry Riot, French Grenache: Bursting with sassy red berry fruits with subtle spices and a long finish. Similar weight to the bodied Shiraz, with aromas like pomegranate, violets and hint of oak traces.

The Jam, McLaren Vale Shiraz: An alluring fragrance of blackberry, mocha and spice springs. Mixing sweet and tart flavours with prominent raspberry and cherry notes.

Your host is likely to be busy with welcoming guests and tending to the dinner spread. While arriving with a gift in hand, other thoughtful gestures would be to bring a bouquet of flowers in a vase. Your local flower market is a great place to start when choosing your perfect bouquet. The vendors are as colourful in character as are their blooms.

In line with the theme of the evening, you’ll want to pick a colour palette. Perhaps something soft and feminine – soft pinks, whites and lilacs. Consider the foliage as it adds texture and shape.

Bringing a dessert, should I buy it or make it? The questions you should be thinking about is, “can I bake and do I have the time”?

There are a number of easy recipe ideas that everyone will love – and can be made ahead of time. Beginner bakers, rejoice. From a delicious raspberry cake, chocolate hazelnut squares, rustic blueberry and nectarine tart.

Whatever you choose to bring to your next dinner party. Be sure you don’t have to spend more than you need to.

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