What makes Diferente different?


Euro Concepts Sydney has just launch an alcohol-free beverage that say is the closest yet to the real thing. The Wog with the Grog introduces the hottest beverage to Australia, Diferente.

The $40 bottle of Aromatic Sparkling Cuvée, Genever Dry Blend (Gin), and Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit (Vodka) are billed as the light alternative to alcoholic wine with all the qualities of the real deal – not to mention the possibility of waking up the next afternoon (clearly no one wakes up in the morning after a bender) without a heavy head.

Diferente Cuvee

Diferente Aromatic Sparkling Cuvee

According to Roberto Dessanti (The Wog with the Grog), the packaging allows you to bring the (what I call..) the “fabulous” factor, the Tiffany blue, blood red sedultry and the snow white with gold finishings. Essential it is refreshing to create a product that is light and refreshing without the alcohol content, perfect for mocktails and for the the occasional appearance and not being judged for drinking.

The common issue with creating “non-alcoholic” beverages, its that the sugar and preservative content rises exponentially. Think about, mocktails are made with sugar, fruits, grenadine and a spritz of a fizzy drink.

“Diferente is an exclusive alcohol-free alternative to premium Champagne, Gin and Vodka for social drinkers, offering the same experience as the most iconic products”


Diferente Genever Dry Blend Gin, Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit Vodka

The products on offer and soon available to purchase on www.euroconceptssydney.com.au or by purchasing direct on 1300 10 40 60.

Aromatic Sparking Cuvee $40
A brut cuvee with a taste of fresh applesauce and ripe pear.
Try it Belini style: Remove the skin and blend two fresh peaches. Pour into a champagne flute and top off with the Sparkling Cuvee.

Genever Dry Blend $40
A clear and spicy blend of dry liquorice and orange.
Perhaps a Pink Lady mocktail: mix Dry Blend with a dash of grenadine, half a lemon juice into a cocktail shaker, shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with raspberry and enjoy.

Crystal Clear Alpha Spirit $40
A clear spirit featuring the essence of a premium quality vodka.
Jamaican sunrise anyone?: Fill your highball glass with ice, pour one-third Alpha Spirit, two-thirds pineapple juice. Drizzle grenadine and garnish with lime.

FACT, it is a healthier option being 100% alcohol-free and it contains no fat or sodium, low sugar and carbs. It’s even suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

So there you have it, grapes without the alcohol. Let me know what you think or if you have tried an alternative non-alcoholic beverage.

Euro Concepts
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