Cosentino launches two new carbon neutral collections from Dekton® : Onirika and Kraftizen.

Dekton Onirika - Morpheus
? Dekton Onirika - Morpheus

Cosentino Group, a global leader in producing and distributing innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, presents Dekton® Onirika and Kraftizen, the latest collections of its leading innovative ultra-compact brand surfaces.

Dekton® is an unmatched category in the world of surfaces, not only is it impervious to elements such as scratches, stains, UV rays, fire and heat, it is the only surface brand that is certified carbon neutral from the cradle to the grave. By offsetting 100% of carbon dioxide emissions over its entire product life cycle, Dekton® is a sustainable material that reduces environmental impact.

Dekton® Onirika

Cosentino and international interior design powerhouse Nina Magon have come together to create a one-of-a-kind Dekton® collection that is bold yet elegant and timeless. Inspired by marble patterns and immersive living, the stunning series showcases eight daring colours: Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze and Morpheus.

“We are not attempting to mimic any existing natural stone. With the Dekton technology, we are able to create our own colours and structures, bringing to life something that is unique, beautiful and irreplaceable. That is the purpose of Onirika – to showcase the versatility of Dekton,” shares the Houston-based designer Nina Magon.

  • Neural combines elegance and structure to bring peace and joy, calm sensations, and an overall feeling of well-being into a space. It best suits bright, neutral spaces with soft textures, light colours, and wooden or metallic accents. With fine, pale veins crossing the marbled pattern, the design creates a fascinating neural network that teleports one into a white dream.
  • Lucid displays many shades, reflections, and glints of colour to create an illuminative perception of colours best combined with wood, grey and gold shades, and frosted glass.
    • Morpheus is the name of this same Lucid tonality but in Dekton® Velvet Texture finish.
  • Awake is a reinterpretation of the precious Paonazzo stone. It features thick veins of light greys, exquisite oxide terracotta, and a hint of subtle, inky blues. This iteration pairs beautifully with white, neutral tones, lightwood, and golds of any shade.
  • Trance features fine warm streaks that move between oxides and fade to reddish gold, combining perfectly with reddish oak wood and darker walnut tones. Blue furniture and warm golds in pale finishing bring sleekness to this vibrant colour.
  • Somnia boasts exquisite details of warm oxide browns and whites that merge under a grid of thin lines that create a sober texture. Somnia is perfect with warm dark woods, frosted glass and textured metal surfaces such as copper.
  • Vigil recreates a strong Calacatta structure with thick veins in gradients of light and dark greys, matched with a subtle touch of gold. This classic colour is easy to combine with warm and cold hues, wood metal, and clean concrete.
    • Daze is the name of this same Vigil tonality but in Dekton® Velvet texture finish.

Dekton® Kraftizen

Kraftizen boasts a series of five versatile, beautiful colours with rich, deep textures: Umber, Nacre, Argentium, Micron and Albarium. Reminiscent of Venetian stucco, these colours are rooted in minimalism and versatility, bringing serenity into any space.

The Dekton® Kraftizen collection reinterprets craftsmanship perfected over the centuries using the latest digital craft technology. Each trowel stroke from yesteryear transfers onto canvases made of millions of pixels, becoming part of an image and a reinterpretation that will stand the test of time.

  • Nacre is a colour with plenty of movement to engage all senses. Trowel marks bring the colour to life, while the subtle interplay of light and shadow accompanies every inch of the design. The silky finish is pleasant to the touch. Meanwhile, the scattered gradients are highly decorative and reminiscent of sea waves.
  • Micron is elegant and minimalistic. Its markings and trowelled texture give it depth. This deep, dark grey conveys a comforting sense of calm and serenity.
  • Albarium is a soft, powdery white colour reminiscent of marble dust. The subtle trowel achieves a rich continuity, making it easy to apply on large surfaces. Albarium captivates with its fine, elegant texture and the refinement and light it brings to the spaces it uses.
  • Umber is a timeless colour with its own personality and a special charisma. The terracotta is warm and cosy, an earthy colour closely connected to nature.
  • Argentium is a perfect matte grey that can be combined with both warm and cold tones. Its trowelled structure, typical of lime plastering, provides a bold design option to the range. In ancient times, silver was considered a gift of nature created by the moon’s influence. This legend lives on in Argentium.

Dekton® offers endless design possibilities with its multiple applications for indoor and outdoor spaces. It has won over many architects and designers worldwide who chose the high-performance surface for facades, benchtops, floors, cabinetry and claddings.