COMO Stories: Shambhala cuisine at home

COMO Shambhala Cuisine
COMO Shambhala Cuisine

The Pleasures of Eating Well features signature COMO Shambhala Cuisine, with all 147 recipes reworked to bring the brand’s renowned style of taste and nutrition to the home kitchen. Take a gastronomic journey through COMO’s hotels and resorts with the brand’s first cookbook – from the pristine sands of the Turks and Caicos Islands to the mist-swirled mountains of Bhutan.

COMO Shambhala Cuisine is a menu of nutritionally-calibrated dishes, inspired by our founder Mrs Christina Ong’s passion for good food. It has been developed in the belief that healthy cuisine can and should be both delicious and nutritious.

The cuisine focuses on a perfect mix of raw and cooked ingredients with very specific nutritional purposes and flavours. The resulting dishes, whether a Balinese-inspired curry or a fresh salmon salad, help to boost concentration and energy, balance blood-sugar levels and satisfy cravings.

Featuring elevated classics from around the world, the cookbook includes recipes such as freshwater crayfish and pomelo salad from Thailand and fragrant pumpkin and tempeh curry from Indonesia. Other dishes are built around star ingredients reflecting seasonal bounty from COMO destinations, such as the prized matsutake mushrooms – from the Himalayan forests around COMO’s Bhutanese hotels – lending their aroma and texture to carpaccio of yak.

With these easy-to-prepare healthy food recipes, readers can experience the delicious tastes of COMO Shambhala Cuisine as part of a holistic wellbeing programme at home – click here for recipes.

Here are a couple of my favourites recipes you should try at home:

Lemon-Scented Pancakes with banana, berries and cashew maple cream (serves 6)
Ginger Tea (serves 10)

Grilled Wagyu Beef Sirloin with grilled mushrooms, baby beets and fresh horseradish (serves 4)
Crab, longan and green mango salad with cashews and chilli-lime dressing (serves 4)
Seasonal Greens with poached egg and ‘green goddess’ sauce (serves 4)

Cacao Mousse with fresh raspberries and pistachios (serves 4)