Cocktails without the morning regrets. Yes You Can Drinks is your alcohol-free alternative.

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We’ve all been there. Experienced the alcohol-induced ‘hangxiety’ of checking your bank balance after a night shouting rounds of cocktails. Well, a new player to the non-alcoholic market is here to save you from the Sunday scaries and remove the stigma of mindful drinking. Introducing Yes You Can, a range of alcohol-free drinks that have finally nailed the flavour profile of your favourite booze-laden cocktails. Because partaking in Friday night drinks shouldn’t mean cancelling that 6am spin class.

It was a situation all too familiar for Yes You Can founder Tyler Martin. While training for the Olympics, the Australian water polo player had zero time for hangovers due to his gruelling training schedule and early starts. A few years later, his partner Sophie fell pregnant. They both encountered a similar problem – a lack of sophisticated alcohol-free alternatives. “The fastest growing segment of non or mindful drinkers are Millennials and Gen Z, and we didn’t see any brands in non-alcoholic space who were talking directly to them”, says Tyler. “We were the market, and we were being ignored”. Thus, their mission to take the piss out of drinking began.”

To stand out in the cut-throat world of alcohol, Tyler and Sophie knew they couldn’t compromise on taste. They engaged a world-leading mixologist to create a range of premium cocktails from top shelf alcohol. From there, they painstakingly reverse-engineered the drinks with a team of food scientists to create their non-alcoholic counterparts, without 75% of the calories no less. “We were really strict in that we wanted to use all-natural flavours, extracts and botanicals and no artificial sugars of flavour enhancers”. The process took 12 months, with more than 30 iterations per flavour. Their perseverance paid off, “It actually tastes exactly like the alcoholic version!”, common feedback from happily sober customers.

The first round of Yes You Can drinks include their signature Spritz, featuring zesty orange and rhubarb herbal scents; Dark & Stormy, refreshingly ginger with a smoky undertone, cut through with a dash of lime; and the classic G&T, just the tonic (and more!). A jolt of juniper with a classic bitter hit and that familiar G&T warmth. What sets Yes You Can apart is their bloody delicious proprietary blend of botanicals, called the Yes You Can Flashback™. “This is our signature blend that brings a multi-dimensional flavour profile to the drinking experience – that dash of warmth and mouth feel you come to expect when you sip on a normal alcoholic cocktail”, explains Tyler.

After entering The London Spirits Competition, Yes You Can Drinks has won a suite of awards in the Ready to Drink category after going head to head with some of the world’s leading alcoholic canned cocktail companies! And this is only the beginning…

In what can only be deemed a Dry July miracle, the hunt is over – an alcohol-free bevvy so good you won’t even miss the booze. Getting the Euro summer bod ready? Yes You Can. Fooling your drunk mates on the next round of drinks? Yes You Can. Because whether you’re a sober driver or morning exerciser, you don’t need a reason to take it easy, you just can.