Make the most of your Christmas lunch on a budget

Christmas Lunch

There’s no need to compromise on quality or taste this Christmas. There are plenty of ways to keep the cost down and still have an amazing Christmas spread. The less you spend on food the more you can spend on presents for your loved ones.

Make your own canapés
If you are going to serve canapés to your guest this Christmas buying store bought canapés can add up. There are so many simple canapé recipes out there and a discount store like Aldi has a few of my favourites – visit Aldi Christmas Recipes

Ask everyone to bring something
Whenever I host a dinner party I ask everyone to bring something even something as simple as a cheese board can add to the main event and cut down on the cost and stress for you.

Find cheaper alternatives to old favourites
1. Make your own mince pies
I usually buy a cheap jar of mincemeat and spruce it up with some freshly grated orange zest, some chopped almonds and an optional glug of brandy. You can stir in a few extra spices such as ground cinnamon or nutmeg, or a handful of dried cranberries or prunes. A little tip of mine is to add a sizable amount of some grated carrots to make the mincemeat go further. Less sugar will make you feel less guilty too.

2. Make your own gravy
Making your own gravy is easier than you think and requires some simple ingredients you already have. The giblets and the roasting juices from your bird provide all the flavour you’ll need, along with a spoon of flour, an optional chicken stock cube and a splash of wine if you’ve got a bottle open.

Decorate your own Christmas cake
A plain Christmas cake can be cheaply bought and then all you need is a block of marzipan, some ready-to-roll icing and a little bit of jam to cover your own cake. Then get as creative as you like why not add a pretty bow and some edible silver balls, and a sprig of fake holly.

Christmas dinner doesn’t have to blow the budget. A little planning goes a long way and cooking simple foods from scratch will ensure you will have a feast for the occasion without the New Year budget hangover!

Written by Sernea Moran, Born and raised in in a small town in Ireland before moving to Dublin to pursue a career in advertising. Serena is an avid book worm, filmbuff and lover of all things things travel, design and dessert related. Seeks out adventure where ever she can find it and loves a good pina colada.

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