Christmas tips with BenQ

BenQ treVolo

Left scratching your head over what to do for Christmas and New Year’s this year? Hosting a lunch or dinner doesn’t have to be complicated nor should your speakers when playing the right music. BenQ has rounded up some top tips you need to host your perfect party.

Don’t be too ambitious
Cooking something fancy may seem like a good idea, but it’s almost bound to end in tears – either from you, or the guests who are forced to eat your version of Heston Blumenthal bizarre main meal. Chose a dish you’ve cooked before, or at least a recipe that you feel confident about. Also, feel confident to ask your guests to bring one of their signature dishes – that way you have less to prepare and sweat over about the menu.

Be prepared
Unless you have a personal chef on the go or a handy caterer on speed-dial, spend your time having a chat with your friends, as cooking for a lunch/dinner party can you out of the pack. Don’t slave away in the kitchen alone and feel hot and bothered. Where possible try to prepare as much as you can beforehand – pre-chop veggies, pre-measuring ingredients and cook your main dish that you can put in the oven, or leave bubbling away in a pot, works a treat. As for desserts  – well, one of your guests would have brought something, or in doubt ask your flatemate.

Keep the drinks simple
Mojitos! Whilst everyone love a good cocktail, let’s not spend the whole night holding a shaker and getting ice out of the freezer. Limit your choices to one or two. Besides the basics, wine; bubbles and beer, don’t forget to non-drinkers – they get thirsty too. Sparkling water, soft-drinks, ginger ale etc.

It’s not all about the food
It’s easy to spend soo much time fussing over your food in the kitchen that you forget to the little things that make a dinner party – the background music. BenQ treVolo brings a new meaning to audio style and function with its gorgeous brushed metal, gold ring finish, and zero sharp angles creating a premium design. The exterior speakers are crafted from a polished metallic shell that feel as durable as they appear elegant, perfect for any room in the house for your party.

Not only can you use the treVolo to play your tunes around the house, but you can use the speakers’ convenience function to answer incoming calls with just a touch of a button! No need to end the call – the treVolo automatically starts playing your music where you left off once the call is finished!

If all that’s not enough, the Bluetooth 4.1 and BenQ audio smartphone iOS and Android ap will turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, allows you to check battery life and switch between mode. The Android version also offers a Sleep Timer feature which conveniently shuts down the speaker.

treVolo is easy on the eyes, generous to the ears and importantly, will help any host entertain morning to night, no matter where you are!

RRP $399


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