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Chivas Regal has collaborated with Andrew Simpson of famed industrial design house Vert Design to create a bespoke whisky tumbler that enhances the whisky experience and celebrates the 85 unique flavour notes found in a single drop of award-winning Chivas 18. The glasses will be available to experience in leading bars in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from 15 November.

Working with Australia’s best glass blower, Simpson drew inspiration from the 1000-year-old Venetian glassware tradition — a world-renowned technique which emphasises the importance of hand-forming and the inclusion of colour — to epitomise the whisky. Chivas 18 is a uniquely rich and multi-layered blend created by Colin Scott, one of the world’s most experienced Master Blenders.

“The Venetian design is incredibly craft-based which allowed us to use certain techniques and textures that highlight the luxury and quality of Chivas 18. It’s a generous and beautiful way to shape and add colour to the glass”, says Simpson.

“Glassware is a study of light, geometry, and the stability of the material. Through this, we can create something that is not only beautiful but functional” 

The result is a design which pays homage to both tradition and purpose, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional whisky drinking ritual where a watch glass cover is used to keep the whisky vapours inside. Once removed, they could be released and the generous aromas truly appreciated.

Simpson’s tumbler features a clear, pineapple-textured, base which is reminiscent of British crystal, allowing the drinker to see the rich colour of the whisky. The bowl and lip are cobalt blue – a colour synonymous to Chivas 18. The design is complemented by a narrow rim, which aligns flawlessly with the lips and a flame polished lid which traps the evoking aromas of the whisky. These elements combine to create the perfect sip, a true appreciation of the craft and generosity in the glass of Chivas 18.

The moment of taste was our focus. Putting the glass to the lips is an intimate process. You can tell a lot about the quality of glass by how it feels against your lip.

The partnership between Chivas Regal and the design studio is, according to Simpson, a natural synergy. Like the glassware it will be served in, every glass of Chivas 18 is handcrafted by a process that requires precision, skill and patience.

The tumblers will be available to experience first-hand with Chivas 18 in leading Australian bars this Summer including in Sydney’s Grain Bar, Melbourne’s The Bank on Collins, and Brisbane’s Blackbird Bar and Restaurant from 15 November.


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The Whiskey Boutique (Ms Collins)
Garden State Hotel
The Bank on Collins

Blackbird Bar and Restaurant

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