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CES® 2019 is the largest and most influential tech event in the world – where the entire technology ecosystem gathers to conduct business, launch products, build brands and partner to solve some of today’s most pressing societal challenges. More than 4,500 exhibitors will launch transformative tech to more than 180,000 attendees, encompassing 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities and resilience, sports, robotics and more. CES 2019 will feature brand new and expanded exhibit areas, 250 conference sessions and 1,100 speakers, and more than 1,200 startups from over 50 countries.

It’s time to Wake Up, Kick Ass and Repeat the endless innovation in the tech world.

Last year’s show saw announcements for fridge-cams, robot butlers, and voice-assisted everything. This year at #CES2019, Ecovacs, Belkin, and Alcatel, unveiled some innovative new gadgets and is set to hit our shores this year, including:

  • A new robot vacuum from that has new AI technology giving it the ability to recognise cables, socks and other obstacles to clean around so you don’t need to pick them up yourself,
  • An air purifier that can map your home and travel from room to room to freshen up the air throughout your home,
  • Super affordable entry level smartphones from Alcatel, bringing modern Smartphone features and making them accessible to consumers around the world. With new designs, experiences, these all-new 2019 smartphones include the TCL-made Full View Display.
  • Power Banks that can charge everything from your smartphone to your laptop on the go, super durable cables to put an end to your cable fray woes, and new headphones from Belkin (making its first foray into audio technology)!


DEEBOT: The AI-Powered Floor Cleaning Robot

Advanced AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology is implemented in its latest AI-powered robot – DEEBOT OZMO 960. By introducing object/environment recognition in addition to spatial recognition, ECOVACS AIVI matches DEEBOT OZMO 960’s surroundings and foreign objects that recognize selected household obstacles lying around the floor, such as cables, shoes, socks and charging dock, meaning users no longer have to pick up or remove these obstacles themselves for their robots.

ECOVACS AIVI can also be easily adapted to different home environments allowing the DEEBOT to optimize its navigation route so that it can plan and fulfill its cleaning tasks in the most intelligent and efficient way, saving both time and energy for users. While user data and privacy will be safeguarded, and no images will be recorded and sent back to ECOVACS or to third parties, users may also choose to “opt-in” and send their data back to ECOVACS as the company is dedicated to designing, testing and improving its AI technology based on robust research and training data.

ATMOBOT: The Smart Autonomous Air Purifying Robot

Features a Laser Distance Sensor and ultra-sonic sensors, which can create a virtual map of its surroundings to detect obstacles in the area, allowing the robot to map an efficient path around users’ homes. The robot will scan and section out a user’s home to automatically select a purification spot in each area, start purifying, and move to the next spot when the air quality reaches adequate levels. ATMOBOT also moves intelligently so everyone in the family can enjoy clean, fresh air in every part of their home, instead of having to carry a weighty air purifier from one room to another.

With four layers of HEPA filter on both sides and three levels of fan power, ATMOBOT offers peace of mind regarding its air purification ability. The robot works autonomously and intelligently after recharging, meanwhile users can also pair it with the ECOVACS App to enjoy full control and the freedom to choose which area to start air purifying by manually setting up purification spots on the virtual map.


RockStar Headphones with Lightning Connector. The MFi certified headphones are engineered to enhance durability and designed for comfort and quality performance with sweat and water resistance, and silicon ear tips which provide an enhanced fit and seal for noise isolation. A USB-C version is also expected later in 2019.

Continuing its leadership in charging cables, Belkin has also announced a new BOOST↑CHARGE™ series of cables including USB-A to Lightning, USB-A to USB-C, and USB-C to Lightning, made with DuraTek.

The new range has been re-designed to maximize cable durability and strength, as well as newly included leather strap to prevent tangles. The range will be available in a new speckled design in both black and white and 4ft, 6ft and 10ft lengths.

Belkin has also bolstered its Fast Charging Chargers category with the addition of the BOOST↑CHARGE™ USB-C Car Charger + Cable and the USB-C Home Charger + Cable. Both products employ QuickCharge 4+ technology, which enables faster charging up to 50% in 15 minutes. It is compatible with all QuickCharge and Power Delivery devices up to 27W, with a 4ft USB-C cable included.

Finally, Belkin has announced the BOOST↑CHARGE™ Power Bank USB-C 20K with USB-C Cable, a high capacity power bank that supports most USB-C devices including Apple Macbook and Nintendo Switch. This product features Power Delivery 2.0 30W, which enables fast-charging of the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation).


Continues to evolve its leadership in Mesh WiFi with the announcement of the new Max Stream AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi Router. Tri-Band WiFi and MU-MIMO technology delivers blistering combined WiFi speeds up to 2.2Gbps, essential for simultaneous streaming of movies, online gaming, video chatting and using smart home devices.

Linksys has also announced “Linksys Shield,” a premium subscription software service for Velop Tri-band users to block adult, violent or unwanted content and provide an addi5tional layer of digital protection for your connected devices and family. Advanced browsing protection checks sites you visit against a database of millions of known threats, helping prevent you from visiting malicious sites.


Announcing the 2019 edition of its entry-level 1-Series, comprised of the Alcatel 1X and the Alcatel 1C. Redefining the entry-level smartphone experience, both handsets will feature the TCL-made FullView display. Bringing to life the Alcatel mobile brand vision of creating modern smartphone features and making them accessible to consumers around the world.

The Alcatel 1X provides one of the most immersive smartphone viewing experiences in the entry segment thanks to a 5.5-inch (18:9) Full View Display. This is combined with the all-new organic finish, that provide a textured feel that is scratch and slip resistant. It will also come with real-time bokeh and new capture modes that allow you to take portrait style pictures. The secondary depth-sensing lens, combined with post-shot editing software integrated into the device, allows users to re-focus photographs and blur the rest of the picture.

The emerging market smartphone no longer means a bulky design and tiny display thanks to the all-new Alcatel 1C featuring a 5-inch (18:9) Full View Display and modern design. It comes with a non-slip, textured finish ensuring a comfortable grip and sophisticated aesthetic. The Alcatel 1C also includes photo capture options like Beautification mode and Instant Collage.

Alcatel 1C is powered by Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition), which creates an entry smartphone experience that is optimized to make sure billions more can have reliable access to mobile connectivity.

What’s next?

Well… once I get hold of them – look out, as I’ll be back with more test videos for the insider scoop.


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