Cellarmasters – My Favourites Rosé Reservation


To coincide with the launch of their new My Favourites Rosé Reservation subscription service, Cellarmasters have put on the event of the year for Rosé lovers. Hosted at the Rosé Royale in Potts Point, the world’s first Rosé wine bar & restaurant, the night is a stunningly pink celebration of Australia’s favourite summer wine.

Cellarmaster’s My Favourites service has been running for several years, delivering expertly-selected wines to your doorstep, allowing you tu curate your taste in wines and ‘master your wine journey’. Cellarmasters have made the decision to launch their Rosé Reservations in order to bring the burgeoning world of Rosé into the tastes of many modern Australians. Allowing their customers to sample a wide variety of rosé wines, such as the bone-dry French Vins d’Autrefois to Australia’s own rich & fruity Gwyn Olsen Hunter Valley Rosé, it seems like Cellarmasters is truly onto something here.

The Rosé Royale Bar & Restaurant is a beautifully bohemian creation, converted from an iconic Potts Point terrace into an effortlessly elegant escape into the world of pink, both in the wines and the decor. Offering a selection of over 70 different rosé wines, this gorgeous boutique bar has a little rosé-shaped something for everybody. With the decor reminiscent of provencal wine country, it offers a welcome addition to the already-popular Potts Point repertoire.

The event itself offers a selection of wines to entice one’s palate, such as the French Vins d’Autrefois, a crisp and full-bodied rosé with hinted fragrances of small red fruits, as well as the Jim Barry rosé from South Australia’s Clare Valley – representative of classic Australian rosé flavours, such as summer berries and savoury spices. These wines are perfectly complemented by the accompanying dishes offered, such as house-baked bread with rosé butter and a scallop-on-leek fondue. The rosé beef quinoa salad in particular is a standout – a refreshing take on a tried and true classic, light and full of flavour, and a perfect accompaniment to the selection of rosé on offer.

The famed Australian winemaker Gwyn Olsen is also in attendance, resplendent in pink and ready to answer questions on all things rosé. Speaking briefly to her, Gwyn predicts that the popularity of rosé is only getting stronger, and has offered her own vintage to add to the celebration, her Gwyn Olsen Hunter Valley rosé being my personal favourite of the evening, with brilliant summer flavours and a surprising fruity richness.

If these gorgeous vintages are anything to go by, Cellarmaster’s My Favourites Rosé Reservations is set to take Australia by storm over the summer months. If you’re a lover of summer and beautifully crisp wines, head over to their website as fast as you can – places are limited and this is definitely something you’ll want to be able to brag about.

David Mulquiney

A business student at UTS, with a keen interest in the world of marketing & advertising. Food and drink are often the highlights of my adventure, sharing positive experiences, thoughts, and local travel.