The cask has been cracked – Cape Byron Single Malt Whisky is here.

Cape Byron Distillery | Australian Single Malt Whisky
? Cape Byron Distillery | Australian Single Malt Whisky

Cape Byron Distillery marks a huge occasion today, with the official online launch of their highly anticipated first release, Cape Byron ‘The Original’ Single Malt Whisky.

Co-created by one of Scotland’s most awarded Master Distillers, Jim McEwan and Cape Byron Distillery Co-founder and distiller Eddie Brook, this Australian adaptation of a classic Scottish whisky is truly remarkable and unique to the terroir of the Byron Bay region.

Eddie Brook explains, “Our whisky lives and breathes the conditions of the dense subtropical rainforest here in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Our barrels have lay wait within the rainforest and take in all of the elements throughout their maturation. We have something here that is really unique”.

Jim has played a pivotal role in the birth of Cape Byron Distillery’s new spirit, with his wealth of experience evident in this intriguing new Australian rainforest whisky. With over 55 years in the distilling industry, winning countless awards and accolades. A true legend of his craft, Jim has imparted this knowledge throughout the team and the production process. The outcome is a true testament to his Scottish distilling pedigree.

Two whisky releases are available for the launch, with more expressions to be released throughout the year:

Cape Byron ‘The Original’ Australian Single Malt Whisky

The signature expression is aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks. The colour of a Byron Bay sunset. The palate offers soft vanilla, creme brulee and biscotti characters, layered over distinct notes of pear, coconut and buttery macadamia. 700ml bottle AUD $125

Cape Byron Chardonnay Cask Australian Single Malt Whisky

Refined with a deep hue influenced by Australian chardonnay casks. The palate exudes decadent notes of chocolate and hazelnut praline, layered over distinct characteristics of raisin, baked apples and maple. A very limited release of 1,550 bottles of the first batch. 700ml bottle AUD $140.

The distillery plans to release 14,000 bottles of whisky during its first year, each bottle is individually numbered, giving full transparency to each batch produced. The timely release also coincides with the whisky feature film, The Water of Life chronicling Jim’s incredible distilling career some scenes filmed at Cape Byron Distillery are a legacy for Jim.

Eddie Brook explains, “We have been waiting for this moment for over three years now, and the whisky we created is sensational. I am so proud of our distilling team and the amount of innovation, passion and dedication it took to create such a special and truly Australian single malt Whisky. It is one of a kind, and we are so proud.”

Cape Byron Whisky is available online, at the cellar door in Byron Bay, at premium bars and at independent liquor retailers.