Reinventing the plant-based / vegan food scene with Calle Rey in Newtown.

Calle Rey | Vegan Restaurant
(c) Calle Rey

In 2020, Calle Rey was brought to life to fill a gap in the Sydney restaurant scene. With sustainability at the heart of their mission, Madi Cohen and the Head Chef JC, want to change the stereotypes of what veganism is to the everyday consumer.

When you walk through the doors, customers are transported to a Mexican oasis with twinkling fairy lights and murals painted on the restaurant’s walls. The aim is to create a unique sensory experience that allows diners to escape their reality and immerse themselves in a state of curiosity.

However, Calle Rey is more than just its eccentric interiors and quirkiness. Flavour is the name of the game, which is highlighted through their mouth-watering menu that will leave a meat-eater questioning how it’s plant-based. Each dish has been designed with three distinct influences in mind- Mexican, Japanese and Peruvian. A fusion that might sound unexpected but will leave a lasting impression.

Calle Rey hosts a Diablo Pisco Bar, a standout feature for the venue, reinventing the underrepresented Peruvian scene in Sydney. The concept is the first of its kind, yet it still pays tribute to the famous traditional Tequila Bar. Customers can indulge in standout signature cocktails that align with their plant-based values.

Whilst Calle Rey started with sustainability at the menu’s core, the quality of produce used in each dish isn’t compromised, but it provides an alternative perspective on the future of consumption.

Calle Rey
62-64 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
T: +61 475 587 074 | Book OnlineFood Menu | Drinks Menu
Tuesday- Thursday: 6pm-10pm
Friday – Saturday: 5:30pm-11pm