BWS new range of premium premixes


Forget the pop of a cork, squeak of a corkscrew or twist of a screw cap. The pursuit of greater efficiency has led to many innovations at craft cocktail bars, from draft cocktails to bottled individual drinks. Now the premixed freezer cocktail is gathering traction.

After all, the ready-to-drink (RTD) segment of the market is largely the preserve of teenagers without the cash to buy decent booze and the palate to know a rough drop.

Yet in recent years, many distillers and cocktail bars have moved into the pre-mix space, adding their own lines of batched cocktails that require no bartender trickery, other than the turn of the bottle top or the pull of the tab.

BWS has revealed a brand new range of premium premixes – bringing ease, class and convenience to at home drinking.

Many of BWS’ top premium distillers have now moved into the premix space, adding their own lines of batched cocktails that require no bartender trickery.

These are the top picks to add to your drinks trolley for an easier and tastier month:

Koyomi Shochu Blended Yuzu Lime Highball (from AUD $19 – 4 pack)
Combining the sophisticated taste of Japanese yuzu with the freshness of lime.

Dirty Bucha of Byron Gin & Lemon Myrtle Kombucha (from AUD $23 – 4 pack)
Low sugar cocktail mix with superior aromatic Brooke’s Gin from Cape Byron.

The Dirty Bucha of Byron Vodka & Tropical Kombucha (from AUD $23 – 4 pack)
Low sugar cocktail mixes Bucha of Byron’s Tropical kombucha with premium distilled vodka from Cape Byron Distillery.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola (from AUD $26 – 4 pack)
Sailor Jerry Caribbean Rum with cola flavours to give you a refreshing drink.

Curatif Archie Rose Espresso Martini (from AUD $48 – 4 pack)
Archie Rose Original Vodka paired with artisan brewed coffee by Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters.

Curatif Four Pillars Spiced Negroni (from AUD $48 – 4 pack)
Four Pillars’ special edition Spiced Negroni Gin.


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