Boost Mobile keeping us connected with new international roaming packs for under $3 a day.

Boost Mobile International Roaming
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BOOST MOBILE, the world’s largest youth-focused telco brand, has today announced the addition of international roaming to its product offering, ensuring Australians can now stay easily connected to home while travelling overseas, for less than the price of a coffee each day. Available to all Boost pre-paid customers, the three different packs cover more than 40 countries and are led by a $40, 14-day pack that will keep Australians online and connected to home for less than $3 a day.

The launch comes as Australians prepare for a big summer holiday season of travel, which still includes higher-than-average flight and other travel costs. More than 7 million international trips are expected to be booked out of Australia in 2023, including both personal and return of more business travel.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, New Zealand remains the most popular international destination, followed by Indonesia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Fiji, India, Singapore, Thailand, Italy and Vietnam – all countries covered as part of the more than 40-strong list of countries available on Boost Mobile’s International Roaming Packs.

“Australians have an insatiable thirst to travel, which is only exacerbated more by the restrictions and challenges of the last two and a half years. But travel is increasingly costing more than it used to, and so we are thrilled to be delivering such an affordable and compelling option for all Australians,” said Jason Haynes, General Manager of Boost Mobile.

“For less than three dollars a day you can stay connected while traveling to over 40 different countries, sharing adventures with friends and family, be it through social media or calls and texts. We always fight for our customers so it is a natural progression to make sure we can give them the best deals when they are away from home, all without the fear of bill shock.”

While Boost Mobile first launched international roaming in early 2020, it has used the restrictions of the last few years to work tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver an expanded range of packs to more destinations than before.

Purchase of an International Roaming Pack can be made via the ‘My Boost Mobile’ app, with Boost recommending this is done upon landing at your first international destination, given the inclusions of each pack become active immediately upon purchase. Such packs are available to Boost customers with or without an active recharge.

The three Prepaid International Roaming Packs include $20, $30 and $40 options delivering a range of different inclusions and expiry times. Included data, calls and texts to Australia when in eligible roaming destinations are deducted from inclusions until such time as either the inclusions or the expiry time is completed.

Consumers then have the opportunity to quickly and easily buy a new pack, thus eliminating any possibility of ‘bill shock’, a common complaint from consumers when using other international roaming options. Notifications are sent when inclusions reach 50%, 85% and 100% of use.

Should a consumer wish to buy multiple International Roaming Packs at the same time, the benefits of the pack with the shorter expiry date will automatically be utilised first before drawing down from the inclusions of the pack with the longer expiry date.

International Roaming Large International Roaming Medium International Roaming Small
$40 $30 $20
14 Day Expiry 7 Day Expiry 3 Day Expiry
60 Minutes Calls 30 Minutes Calls 15 Minutes Calls
60 Texts 30 Texts 15 Texts