A Bonne Maman Morning

Jude Mayall, Rafael Ruiz, Bonne Maman
Jude Mayall, Rafael Ruiz

For the first time, the French roots of Bonne Maman have mingled with the Australian native Lilly Pilly bush fruit to create a new limited edition Bonne Maman Blueberry & Lilly Pilly Conserve.

Hosted by Jude Mayall, Outback Chef, at The Grounds’ of Alexandria breakfast was served at The Potting Shed. Here I got to learn how to turn the Lilly Pilly berries into a delicious conserve. Can you taste the homemade inspiration that has plagued our breakfast table all these years and passed down by grandmothers secret recipe.

The garden theme eatery was welcoming, open and laidback, with potted plants hanging from the ceiling, a timber swing seat and custom-made furniture; it’s like dining in a friend’s garden or at your aunt’s courtyard & kisch sitting. Guests, food aficionados and key food retailers were treated to a menu custom-created by The Grounds’ including a cooking demonstration.

On Arrival
Granola cups layered with Blueberry and Lilly Pilly conserve

First Course
Blueberry & Lilly Pilly Clafoutis and Vanilla Chantilly, garnished with edible Australian flora, served with Bonne Maman Blueberry & Lilly Pilly Conserve.

Second Course
Grilled gourmet sausage with caramelised onions and Blueberry & Lilly Pilly sauce, served on a bed of potato rosti, garnished with a selection of native Australian greens.

From the Bakery
A selection of mouthwatering pastries from The Grounds’ in-house patisserie

“The fruit of the Lilly Pilly is quite tart on its own. By adding in a combination of brown and white sugar, concentrated lemon juice and fruit pection creates a unique flavour” says chef. With a slow cooking of roughly 45 to 60mins, this popular native plant is commonly found in spring to early summer. The fruit matures from December to February, being a pear shaped red berry, known as a Riberry.

Outback Chef and Native Bush food expert, Jude Mayall, has been heavily involved with Bonne Maman in the process of creative this conserve, sourcing the Lilly Pilly is a little tricky, but well worth it.

Traditionally conserves/jams are smeared over hot pancakes, a dollop with your scones, or even a taste ice cream treat. I was surprised by the flexibility of cooking with savoury and sweet recipes. I would have swapped the first and second course around – but who says you are not able to have dessert first. To have caramelised onions and the fruitiness of the Blueberry & Lilly Pilly sauce gave a lovely contrast – if not a nice sweet blend to the gourmet sausage.

A huge success showed why Bonne Maman is Australia’s number one imported conserve. Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate all of the wonderful things that mothers represent and Bonne Maman of course is a brand that embodies this spirit.

Australian Lilly Pilly has made my Mother’s Day a whole lot sweeter.

Main image supplied: Sam Schachna, Chef Jude Mayall, Rafael Ruiz


  1. HI Rafael, glad you could come to the launch and that you enjoyed the morning. It is an exciting time for the native food industry and shows the huge potential for our fruits and berries when an international company like Bonne Maman chose to create a conserve using Lilly Pilly’s, the result was amazing, and it certainly highlights just how good our bushfood is. All the best, Jude

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