Recyclable fashion with The Bondi Shoe Club

Bondi Shoe Club
Bondi Shoe Club

Inspired by the scenery of the Sydney’s beaches, The Bondi Shoe Club has today announced their first range of chic tropical printed footwear. The collection boasts an Australian twist on the canvas espadrille and has launched just in time for summer!

With the inaugural collection featuring The Freshwater Flamingos, The Bondi Palm Trees, The Coogee Cockatoos, The Manly Beach Monsteras, The Tamarama Tropical Midnights and The Palm Beach Pineapples, there’s something for every taste.

The range is Vegan Certified with no animal products used in the shoes. Designed with comfort in mind, the TPR rubber soles and EVA insole provide extra support and durability for those on the go. The casual and colourful designs are fun and ideal for the Australian summer, made from comfortable canvas material. The Bondi Shoe Club only uses vegan certified eco-friendly glue, which doesn’t release any nasty fumes, making it more ethical for those actually producing the product. Shoes are even delivered in a cornstarch postal satchel. All of these materials mean the entire shoe can be recycled!

With sustainability at the forefront of this new shoe range, all packaging is completely biodegradable or compostable and 5% of all profits go to the ‘Fight for our Reef’ campaign by the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Co-Founder Fran McKirdy commented: “In a sea of black and white shoes we are a vibrant and tropical wave of colourful footwear, looking to bring consumers the holiday feeling all year round.”

We ask Fran, what’s the connection with the ocean?
“My fiancé and I have been keen divers for over 10 years and have seen the changes in the ocean first hand. It really hit home in 2016 at a dive site in Malaysia when we saw the extent of the coral bleaching and loss of marine life there compared to a previous trip. It really motivated us to understand the issues and take action. When we moved to Sydney in 2018 and I couldn’t find any comfy and colourful slip on shoes the idea to combine a business with a purpose came about, so the The Bondi Shoe Club was born”.

The importance of sustainable fashion is growing and The Bondi Shoe Club supports The Australian Marine Conservation Society.

“From an environmental perspective, the current trends and practices in the fashion industry will greatly affect the future of our planet if it continues on its current path. But what’s exciting is that there’s a substantial increase in awareness of ethical consumption and practices within the fashion industry which will lead to a paradigm shift in behaviour in both the consumer and business owner.

The purpose of our business is to try and make the world a better place and we’ve initially focused on the oceans as that’s really important to us. The ocean is described as the lungs of our planet after all! We really like the Australian Marine Conservation Society as they’re the only charity solely dedicated to the preservation of Australia’s incredible marine life. The last couple of years they’ve been really influential protecting the Reef and stopping the mining companies dumping their crap near it. Go them, I’m mentally high fiving them as we speak”

Lastly, a sneaky question… what’s next?
Fran laughs “Very sneaky indeed.. We’re currently working on a tropical men’s collection in the same theme as the women’s. Hawaiian shirt wearing men, watch this space! We also have some big conservation projects bubbling in the background which we hope to excite you guys with next year!”

All shoes are priced at $89 and available online, The Bondi Shoe Club.