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Ovolo 1888 Blogger Collaboration
Ovolo 1888 Blogger Collaboration

In my earlier review of Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour, I mentioned that I wanted to do something a little different. And that was to collaborate with friends I have met in the year.

Meet Izzy from Metallic Paws, a fashion blogger with a law degree. Who’s sense of style is known to shed some colour to any outfit and into health and fitness. Mary from Socialime, whom I consider as one my close circle of friends – a passion for photography and food – quality photos that captures the moment. Let me know what you think from today’s shoot.

It was such a fun afternoon, and you can probably take notice of the amount of laughter we had engaged in (those pics don’t lie). Ovolo 1888 is a unique property that has great history but turned into this beautiful modern art wave hotel. #nofilter needed

We all travel and thrive to find the right property to escape or have a staycation. But what to wear and bring with you, is sometimes just as important. Vendome Sydney brings together the finest travel luxuries for all occasions and I was able to showcase their luggage and watch range.

Romain Jerome
Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Limited Edition Steampunk Chronograph

Romain Jerome released a limited edition, Titanic DNA Steampunk Chronograph. The cool watch has an intricate 3D dial with a motion controller propeller that is cool and fun. It is connected to a hidden rotor and a multiplier gear that makes it spin quickly when you move around.

I was sitting in the B.I.G room wearing this boutique brand that has a voice of its own. The first thing I noticed is that it is a large facing watch, 50mm wide and felt that most men would like a dominant watch.

Part of the fun is trying to pull it off and seeing what the watch goes well with. Vendome Sydney advised that the metal taken is from the actual sunken Titanic, which is used in the metal bezel. RJ does not skimp in the detailing, steel & black PVD-coated steel case and rustic and ruthenium coloured bridge.

Yes the Steampunk Chrono is 50mm wide and slightly heavy, but the claws on the bezel looks cool and is actually rather comfortable. In its unique design, the subdials mimic of something quiet machine vintage, leading to the thematic charm.

Perfect for the non-conservative watch lover who is more interested in wearing something masculine and unique

Throughout the afternoon, I think Izzy and I become quite relaxed with one another. Although I’m pretty sure we drank enough coffee and we couldn’t stop talking in the Lo Lounge. Mind you, this is a first for me trying to ‘model’ (which I use the term very loosely!). There were moments of what do I do? What position, stance, “act natural”. I felt like a fool sometimes, as I not that comfortable of people taking photos of me. When you look at Izzy, she was amazingly photogenic.

I’ve added some candid photos when Izzy and I were in the Shaken Suite, the 007 room where my journey began since the opening party.

Checking in with Globe-Trotter luggage
Globe-Trotter Ekocycle 18′ and Centenary 30″ suitcase

I am a fan of Globe-Trotter luggage, to me it doesn’t scream “look at me, I have a fancy bag”, its discreet luxury for the well-known style discerning traveller. I call it “the world of elegant travel”.

The Globe-Trotter suitcase is unique because of the baseboard used to form its body. Made of 14 sheets of paper and glue, compressed under pressure into a vulcanized material that is lightweight and yet extremely sturdy. I do own a black limited edition version, but I didn’t bring it on this trip.

Izzy is using Globe-Trotters reimagined collaboration, ‘Ekocycle’, the sustainable brainchild of and The Coca-Cola company. Designed with an aluminum-finished recycled vulcanized fibreboard shell and a recycled linen lining, both made in part with PET plastic bottles. This 18” trolley case is complete with beautiful burgundy leather trims on the corners and handles.

Perfect poised for the modern day trips

The larger suitcase, to which I am carrying, is from the Centernary collection in orange. The one thing I forgot to mention is that all Globe-Trotter luggages are beautifully and carefully hand crafted in Hertforshire, UK. This 30” model suitcase boasts an extra deep design with hand-moulded corner detailing and is able to withstand any checked-in ruffage. Fitted with wheels for ease of use and straps to keep everything secure.

These are investments pieces that will keep your clothing in perfect order each time you journey across the country or travel locally.

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet
Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

We all love ‘smart devices’ and with the introduction of smartwatches, how can we distinguish between fad and beneficial to our wellbeing? Philip Stein introduced The Sleep Bracelet which rose to fame after Oprah included in her ‘favourite things’ list three times, to helps induce better sleep by harnessing “frequencies”.

What’s your frequency? I wouldn’t have a clue what mine is. But we are surrounded by natural frequencies, similar to a tuning fork to pick up a sound/key wave. The sleep bracelet is an ultra-soft lightweight accessory where you wear it like a watch for 15-20 minutes before going to sleep and remove when you wake up.

It is designed to help you bring back your relaxed state to cope better in your/our busy lives. It’s true when you are relaxed and composed we work better and continue our every day lives, but when we are stressed or better of a lack of words, tired, we don’t function right.

Without the ability to focus we living in a state of unbalance

All products can be purchased at the Vendome Sydney in Australia, and available for shipping internationally. Best to enquire with the team and discuss your next purchase. In partnership with Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour for the hotel review, I suggest you check out Ovolo’s other properties in Sydney, Melbourne and in Hong Kong.

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