Bio-Oil the summer essential

Bio Oil
Bio Oil

Two years ago my friends and I decided to have a farm weekend away in Bathurst, about two and a half hours west of Sydney. Long story short, I wanted to help gather wood for a bonfire we were having later that evening. In the search for some smaller more manageable pieces to contribute to the pile, I found a pretty big branch that I thought would be easy to snap against a nearby tree.

Well turns out for those who don’t know, sometimes when you baseball bat swing a branch into a solid object, a piece may recoil, towards your face, as it did in this very instance. It took a pretty deep chunk of my chin and resulted in me having to sport a big square band-aid on my chin for the rest of the weekend.

The cut quickly healed but I was left with quite a darkened spot as a reminder of my first and last time collecting wood that fateful afternoon. I was very self-conscious of the dot and lathered it with concealer whenever I left the house.

I had heard about the benefits of Bio-Oil for years but I’ve found when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It’s easy to become sceptical of products these days, especially when it seems every influencer is pushing anything from detox teas to charcoal teeth whitener on social media.

But desperate to try and lighten this in-my-eyes giant spot on my chin, I gave it a try. I put a dab directly onto the skin morning and evening religiously for a few weeks and I kid you, not the scar began to lighten and after two months unless you are looking under a microscope you wouldn’t notice it at all.

Combined with plant extracts and vitamins, the oil has one secret weapon, PurCellin Oil™. This inclusion helps make the consistency less oily and non-greasy, perfect for skin absorption.

With more than a dozen clinical trials conducted with the product over the past decade, Bio-Oil really is the real deal.

Other benefits of the product include improvement to uneven skin tones, helps tired and dry elbows, softens sore cuticles and improves the look of stretch marks, just to name a few!

After converting into a Bio-Oil believer, or as I like to call it, a B.O.B, I’ve found so many more uses for the product than just improving the look of scars. The 60mL bottle is perfect for popping in your carry-on when flying as it meets the inflight liquid restrictions and if you’re skin struggles like mine during long-hauls, you’ll love how hydrating it is to your lips and skin.

But don’t just take my word for it, Bio-Oil has won hundreds of awards (I started counting the number of accolades and gave up at 46!) and best of all, it’s available at your local supermarkets.

So the next time you’re at the shops, grab a bottle for your desk, your suitcase or just at home and watch the magic happen.