newest non-alcoholic beer player to hit the Australian market – Beneficial Beer Co

Beneficial Beer Co
? Beneficial Beer Co

The international-award-winning BBCo Stone Cold Lager is the ‘inbeertweener™’ that’s challenging the non-alcoholic beverage market status quo with a full-bodied, familiar-tasting lager experience that’s undeniably ‘beery’.

After securing the exclusive rights to a world-class Australian-made alcohol removal filtration system that doesn’t compromise on taste or the traditional brewing process, Beneficial Beer Co knew they were onto a market disruptor.

Beneficial Beer Co’s brewing is kept intentionally simple, using the classic concoction of barley grain, water, hops and yeast, as well as a traditional process for brewing a rich, mid-strength no-frills lager.

“We’re not slowing down the brewing process or using special yeast blends that don’t ferment sugars; we brew a real lager,” says Beneficial Beer Co-Founder and serial entrepreneur David Jackson.

“Once our full-bodied, low-carb and vegan lager is brewed to completion, we begin to extract the alcohol using our BBCo Black Box [alcohol removal filtration system].”

The BBCo Black Box is an exclusive Australian-made alcohol removal filtration system that leaves all the flavours and esters that you would expect from a mid-strength lager while removing the alcohol content.

The Beneficial Beer Co story is one of triumph, with David utilising his struggles with drinking too many beers as a catalyst to launch the new business. After losing his father and three mates within 12 months, David gave booze the boot in January 2020.

A couple of weeks into his journey, he knew he needed to cement his new commitment further.

“I thought that if I turned this challenge of not drinking alcohol into a passion, I could create a business which would give me a much better chance of not only keeping my word but turning my struggles and my story into a force for good,” he said.

With a newfound passion for sobriety and a vision to create Australia’s best-tasting non-alcoholic lager, David and his family relocated from NSW to QLD during the pandemic so he could dedicate his time to learning the fine art of brewing beer at TAFE Queensland.

“It’s a classic case of, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself but don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of great-tasting booze-free tinnies, just nothing that would quench my thirst for a full-bodied Aussie-style lager that I was used to.”

Knowing that his vision would be no small feat, David called on the help of some seasoned industry professionals, Bruce Peachey (Australian beer brewing legend and Ex-Tooheys Brewing Manager) and Matt Johnson (Ex-Bluetongue Brewery Creative Director).

“We’re not here to tell people what to do, we’re here to offer the best tasting lager alternative, something that I feel has been missing from the non-alcoholic market until now,” said David.

The non-alcoholic market now represents 3 per cent of the global alcohol market and is forecast to grow to 31 per cent by 2024.

With nationwide expansion plans on the horizon within the next 12 months, Beneficial Beer Co has secured $600,000 in capital raised to date, with Gleneagle Securities Founder & Managing Director Lance Rosenberg and Good Design Australia CEO Dr Brandon Gien leading the round. The current round of funding is still open to interested parties.

The BBCo team have also won Bronze for Best Non-Alcohol Beer at the AIBA (Australian International Beer Awards) earlier this year with their first batch of Stone Cold Lager.

Beneficial Beer Co is available in select stockists in Sydney, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia, as well as the BBCo website and a range of online stockists.