5 ways to shift the way you think about exercise with Ben Lucas.

Ben Lucas | Flow Athletic Paddington
? Ben Lucas | Flow Athletic Paddington

Moving your body every day in some way shape or form is integral to good physical and mental health.

If you are less than inclined to pick up a set of dumbbells or you simply don’t enjoy running, consider these tips and tricks from Ben Lucas that could change the way you think about exercise.

Exercise as self-care
Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone. Finding what works for you is important, but the bottom line is that moving your body is part and parcel when it comes to health.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental wellbeing. Not only does it lower the risk of many types of diseases including heart disease and diabetes, it also reduces the incidence of mental illness according to Better Health Victoria.

Find what works for you
Its no use forcing yourself to do 5am HIIT 3 times per week if you are passionate about spin or yoga. Find what works for you by trying out different online classes or talking to friends about what they love.

When you do find your thing you will be more driven and motivated to workout, even if it’s still dark and 5 in the morning.

Mood boost
Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, also referred to as ‘happy hormones’ which are associated with a boost in mood.

Incidental Exercise
Incidental exercise is the unstructured activity taken ‘incidentally’, or not on purpose during the day.

Whilst working from home is more common than ever before thanks to the advent of Covid, consider walking to the supermarket instead of driving if possible or taking the stairs rather than the lift next time you are in a shopping complex. Housework also counts.

Make it social
In this time of social distancing and online everything, being separated by distance is no longer a barrier to working out together.

Schedule a time, book a class or simply free style it and connect with friends online or in person to share a thigh burning, sweat sesh.

Ben Lucas is the owner and co-founder of Flow Athletic, an incredibly successful yoga and fitness studio based in Paddington. It is now known worldwide and they (had) a lot of internationals coming in to try out their classes. He was also named one of the 2017 ‘Men of Influence’ by Men’s Style magazine and personally trains Erin Holland and Sammy Robinson.

Prior to getting into the fitness industry, Ben was a professional NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks and a number of other teams. After finishing his stint with the NRL, he went on to own three very successful personal training studios and during that time he also turned to Ultra Endurance running.