Aussie Dating App, Hello Tiger, reveals reveals 40% Of Aussie singles are looking to find love this winter.

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  • 54% of Aussie singles claim they feel lonelier during winter
  • 40% of BOTH men & women will turn to modern dating apps in their search for the perfect partner
  • 44% of singles confessed they are likely to participate in cuffing season during 2022
  • A serious relationship (38%) and casually dating (37%) are the most common relationships sought in winter

A new study by dating app, Hello Tiger (in celebration of their latest update allowing users to browse when fellow love interests were last online), reveals 40% of Aussie singles are looking to lock down a lover in 2022, serious, casual, or friends-with-benefits style, as a way to dissipate the winter blues. Research confirms, we are not alone in experiencing a mood shift as the seasons change, especially when lacking in the love department. So, without further ado, let cuffing season commence.

A decrease in social activity, leading to more nights spent solo or on the couch, is the main culprit leaving half of us (54%) feeling lonelier in the cooler months. 42% of bachelors and bachelorettes claim their biggest influence for seeking a partner is the idea of having a warm body to snuggle up beside, though interestingly, men prove 10% more likely to seek a partner overall. 22% of singles are more interested in establishing emotional connections to balance out those aforementioned winter blues, and 16% attributed this hunger for a significant other as a simple means to maintain their sex life year round. You do you, boo.

The bizarre cure might in fact be, to embrace the lesser known concept of cuffing season: during the winter months people who would normally rather be single find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “cuffed” or tied down by a relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes people to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

The phrase first coined back in 2010, cropping up in pop culture circles year on year, is a testament to the unavoidable truth behind its meaning – that it can really suck to be single throughout winter. Shorter days exacerbate loneliness and depression, traditionally cold and wet weather forces outdoor activity to become indoor activity, with far too many of us left feeling uninspired. So much so, that 44% of singles confessed they are likely to cuff someone in 2022.

“Human connection is a huge facet of life, so it’s only natural that when our social calendars take a dive we turn to dating as a means to fill this void. The desire to be close to another, to cuff someone to you physically and emotionally during the bleeker months of the year, is a completely natural response. Know that you’re not the only single person feeling this way, ever, and the concept of cuffing season is absolute proof of that”, says Megan Luscombe, Hello Tiger Relationship Expert.

When it comes to finding a partner, 40% of men and women declared they were most likely to do so via the use of modern dating apps, like Hello Tiger, outweighing the 19% who still possess the old-fashioned urge to mingle with strangers at the local pub. 9% claiming they would simply resort to texting an ex we highly recommend reconsidering.

“Finding a significant other to invest your time and energy intoover winter can quite frankly provide a boost of much needed intimacy and ramp up our dosage of the happy hormone, serotonin”,

Getting involved with someone new in light of winter might just lead to everlasting love, if not, you’ll have some interesting  convos to tide you over until spring. Single Aussies are ready to get cuffing so say Hello Tiger – no more swiping, engage in video calls via the app to gauge that instant and true connection *gulp*, and find yourself a real connection in real time from the comfort of your very own home.

Fuel that insatiable app-etite for wanting to cuff someone this winter. Put your best paw forward on Hello Tiger, available for free download now via the Apple App Store or Google Play.