ArtScience Museum sparks curious encounters with fresh voices and exciting new programmes.

ArtScience Museum Singapore
ArtScience Museum Singapore

From immersive soundscapes at the heart of the Museum to shaping sustainable sea vessels that set sail in the lily pond, visitors can expect a variety of engaging new experiences at ArtScience Museum throughout the year. These programmes come amid the Museum’s deepening collaborations with local creatives and the appointment of four new members to its International Advisory Board (IAB).

“ArtScience Museum is pleased to announce two exciting new programming initiatives, ArtScience Encounters and ArtScience Residency. These programmes signify our commitment to presenting innovative new experiences for audiences and providing a platform for scientists and artists to share their work with a broader audience. ArtScience Encounters redefines the boundaries of the museum’s architecture by transforming hidden, overlooked spaces into places for art. ArtScience Residency serves as a transient home for scientists, creatives, and designers whose work embodies the intersection of sustainability, impactful change, and innovative design,” said Honor Harger, Vice President of ArtScience Museum and Attractions at Marina Bay Sands.

“We are also delighted to welcome four distinguished museum professionals from Asia to our International Advisory Board. Their invaluable perspectives and insights will complement the guidance from our long-standing board members,” she added.

Discover intriguing art in curious spaces with ArtScience Encounters

ArtScience Museum is breathing life into hidden spaces within its unique architecture through a new programming strand – ArtScience Encounters – launching on 31 March. A collaboration with artists and creatives, this initiative invites visitors to explore the Museum’s liminal spaces through a series of compelling artworks, intriguing happenings, and sensory experiences conceived by artists based on their interpretation of each site.

These transient spaces are open to all at no charge and will be updated periodically with new installations encompassing a variety of genres and mediums.

As part of ArtScience Encounters’ inaugural presentation, artist Kin Leonn has created a 10-channel ambient sound installation in response to the Museum’s Oculus. Titled Ceaseless Benevolence In The Eye Of The Cascade, the work reimagines the central waterfall of the Oculus as a spring of life at the heart of the natural world that charts the imprint of time.

Composed of three movements ORIGIN, CASCADE and GLOWING HEART, the piece draws from a palette of field recordings, electronic textures, and organic instrumentation that weaves in and out of atmospheric passivity and narrative activity. Through this 20-minute looping piece, Kin Leonn presents a continuous sonic ritual that is sure to provoke intrigue and awe.

This installation will reside at the Oculus at Basement 2 from 31 March to 2 July 2023.

Launch of ArtScience Residency with Cesar Jung-Harada

ArtScience Museum is also officially opening its doors to local and international creatives, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs looking to create a transient home for exploration, growth, and impactful change. Known as ArtScience Residency, this newly launched programme will support creatives across a variety of disciplines through a collaborative platform that not only cultivates their practice but also engages and enriches the Museum’s diverse communities by sharing their innovation and insights.

Headlining this inaugural edition of ArtScience Residency is Cesar Jung-Harada – a Singapore- based French-Japanese designer, environmentalist, educator, and entrepreneur who has been researching on and developing renewable energy sources and environmentally sustainable sea transport to address the climate crisis.

As an ArtScientist-in-Residence, his passion and work in ocean technology and impact innovation have found a platform for education and experimentation, which will enable him to engage the public in exchanging ideas and utilising their creativity to achieve a sustainable future.

Over the course of nearly two years, Cesar will curate and lead a robust series of free and paid programmes for visitors, culminating in a special showcase at the Museum in the second half of 2024. He will mainly engage the public in his exploration of four ongoing projects:

  • Ocean Solar Hydrogen aims to provide clean energy to coastal communities through the use of solar power to produce hydrogen gas from seawater.
  • Shape Shifting Sailing (Protei) aims to develop more energy-efficient ocean transport through designs based on those inspired by the natural world.
  • Ocean Train aims to scale global shipping while staying energy efficient and environmentally responsible by incorporating the principles of freight trains at sea.
  • Indigenous Future Outrigger aims to integrate local ship-building customs with high-tech sailing technology in order to create sea vessels that merge technological advancement with cultural significance.

Visitors aged 8 and up can discover Cesar’s passion, practice, and work at his two drop-in sessions on 22 and 29 April, where they will be able to design, build, and sail their own vessels along the reflecting pools of ArtScience Museum’s lily pond.

A series of four hackathon camps will follow in June, where participants can learn hands-on skills and create their own groundbreaking inventions by transforming everyday materials with modular technology, from conceptualisation to fabrication.

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