Artist Talk: Dylan Coombe / Julian Tatang


A couple weeks back you may have recalled I attended the Artist Talk at the ArtShine Gallery. This time I returned back to meet another two talented artist that caught my eye. On show this evening is the work of photographers Dylan Coombe and Julian Tatang. Two different personalities that is a breath of inventiveness offered for the Head On Photo Festival.

Dylan Coombe
Fresh from LA having arrived from a previous show, Photo Independent is an international exposition of contemporary photography. Dylan received the opportunity to exhibit his series Folium. Which explores the intricacies and complexities hidden within leaves found in nature. Here in Sydney, Dylan is pleased to present his new series called Stranded, an exploration of erry figures in nature. A challenging project to capture an inherent emotion in nature. “I like to break some rules in the composition and like using a lot of different equipment to capture the right photo”.

Images in this series have been crafted using a range of different mediums, including Pinhole (which is a simple camera without a lens and with a single aperture – a pinhole),  medium format and large format camera using both film and digital media. We all have different views on what we see, what I tend to do is get lost in the photography and see a film or a movie destined for darkness. Cue horror music and play on dark shadows of these black and white prints. Australia does have some spectacular wetlands. So, what could we expect in the next series? With inspiration from LA, I look forward to seeing what lurks behind the lenses. Dylan’s Stranded series can be found across Sydney’s creative galleries, The Tap Gallery and Artsite Gallery.

Julian Tatang
A testament to the ArtShine Gallery, emerging artist Julien Tatang exhibits his amazing photography in infrared capture of landscape.  I’ve must admit, I have not heard of this type of method before. When I hear infrared I think heat maps on a body showing reds and oranges, but in photography? Julian is able to explore a new world – the world of the unseen. Because our eyes literally cannot see infrared light.

Colours, textures, leaves and plants can reflect infrared light in a unique and interesting way. In his series, the leaves turn white, the sky is pale blue (the one colour alive) and the rest is stripped away with shades of grey and black.  “Infrared photography is a great way to expand creativity” . Julian passion for taking photos is remarkable, taking Sydney landscape and Sumatra architecture to a different level. Ask yourself, what if…? What if we could see colours in nature in a unexpectedly different and beautiful way. There are no limits to our imagination.

ArtShine Gallery, an associated exhibition of the Head On Photo Festival run until Sunday 31 May 2015. I encourage you to pay a visit to the creative precinct of Chippendale and take a look at these great photography on show. Other artists includes Bart Vos, Catherine Hourihan and Alex Evans. Five talent Australian and International Artists all under the one roof.

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Dylan Coombe
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