AmazingCo’s At-Home digital experiences to get you through lockdown.

AmazingCo | At Home Experiences
? Taryn Elliott

Stay socially connected. During a time when we cannot be physically together, it’s become even more important to be socially connected. AmazingCo’s At-Home Experiences is here to help connect, learn and enjoy. All experiences below are fully digital, meaning they are affordable and accessible. Play with the people in your household, or connect with others virtually. It’s all about helping you stay connected with the people that are important to you, while we overcome the challenges we face today.

At Home Romantic Date Night
A perfect way to spend a cozy night with your partner. In this unique and romantic experience, you can expect up to 2 hours of digital clues to solve, activities to enjoy, and hilarious challenges to bring you together.

Each activity is relationship-focused, to reveal the name of the activity you must work as a team to solve a clue – perfect for all kinds of love –whether you’re recently coupled up or have been married for years – what better way to spend a night in lockdown learning more about your partner.

Foodie Date Night
What better way to spend lockdown than bring the culinary competition to your own home! Designed especially for foodies, providing up to three hours of activities, trivia and challenges around that’s both fun-filled and food-filled!

Compete against each other or work together as a team as you make your way through 10 different activities including cooking, tasting, music, trivia, and even craft challenges. There’s something for all food lovers with this pack done in the comforts of your own home.

Family Date Night
If a night curled up at home is what’s on your family’s mind, this provides the perfect stay-at-home experience and promises hours of fun!

Throughout the course of the evening, you and your loved ones will need to band together to solve a number of riddles and clues, the answers to which detail a specific challenge to go head-to-head in! The digital experience is a competition, so we recommend you tally the winner of each activity and challenge throughout the evening. The overall winner will then take their rightful place as ultimate Family Date Night winner (a highly coveted and prestigious award in this part of the land).

Friends Games Night
Perfect for housemates, we all know you love a bit of healthy competition! Get ready for a fun night where you’ll team up and compete in a variety of games, sure to have you all laughing by the end of the night!

Provides a fun-filled night that will keep you entertained for two to three hours. Throughout the evening or day, you and your friends will solve clues together, revealing fun challenges or trivia questions for you to compete in. Whoever has tallied up the most points at the end of the evening is the winner!

At Home Pub Crawl
Stuck between a pub and a lockdown? Experience the best of both worlds. Throughout the night, you and your friends (who you’ll dial in to through video call) will be taken on a virtual pub crawl through your homes, where you’ll race against the clock to play drinking games, dress up, and solve clues and riddles at different themed ‘bars’ in your homes!