Artist Talk: Alex Evans / Catherine Hourihan

Worldcare Travel Insurance Photo Competition
Worldcare Travel Insurance Photo Competition

On Saturday afternoon, I went to an Artist Talk at a local community creative project, ArtShine Gallery, a platform dedicated for emerging artist to showcase their inspiring talents with others who share their passion.

In an environment filled with images in everyday lives, HeadOn Photo Festival turns Sydney into a world of passionate photographers that excites the audience through their camera lens. ArtShine Gallery, an associated exhibitor introduced a preview of selected pieces from Alex Evans and Catherine Hourihan.

Alex Evans

A budding photographer with an avid interest in everything outdoors, the natural wonders of the ocean, wildlife and landscape is his focal point. Having a quick chat to Alex, this is his first exhibition, Liquid Light at the HeadOn Photo Festival.

Water has progressively been seen as an opportunity to stay fit and to relax whilst swimming or simply sitting at the water’s edge. It is the relaxing and calming effect of the water that really means something to Alex, utilising natural or artificial light playing across its surface to expose those moments which are either too fleeting to appreciate by the naked eye, or span a length of time that the eye simply cannot appreciate as a single snapshot in time. This is seen with ‘Pot of Gold’ captured underneath a pier.

Photography initially began as another of these collected hobbies in recent years, but has since become more meaningful and a way to express himself.

Catherine Hourihan

Catherine Hourihan’s photography draws on her extensive experience as a dancer, choreographer and burlesque performer in New York and Sydney. Her Photography is a continuation of an exploration of theatrical elements such as costume, make up, lighting and the performative quality of the person.

The images on display are part of a series, Beautiful Trash, transforming her subjects into mythical, archetypal characters, mermaids, angels, dolls, ghosts etc. Catherine places her subjects in unlikely urban settings such as the NYC subway, a pile of garbage, a back alley or the entrance to a Kings X strip club, all the pictures are taken on location. A pictorial space between fantasy and reality and how these perceptions affect social values and priorities.

See more of Alex and Catherine’s work at ArtShine Gallery, associated exhibitions of HeadOn Photo Festival opening night Saturday 16 May 2015, 5pm.

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Alex Evans
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Liquid Light (4-17 May 2015)
The Tap Gallery
Opening night Tuesday 5 May 2015, 6.30pm

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