Alcatel 1V 2020 – Review

Alcatel 1V mobile
Alcatel 1V mobile

Mobile phones have not usually been a topic of discussion for me. Typically, I like to stick to what I know and brands that have been used before. However, just recently the opportunity to look at the Alcatel 1V presented itself and it showed me that, for new phone buyers, there are still many things to consider when purchasing a smartphone.

The basis of this review comes from what I personally use my devices for, and how the Alcatel 1V holds up to my expectations of everyday use. This boils down to three categories which are; staying organised, staying connected, and actual phone usage.

Before getting into an opinion on what, I think, is best everyday use. Let’s start with the specifications of this device first.

Alcatel 1V 2020 Specs:

  • Mediatek MT6762D Helio P22 Processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Display: 6.22 inches HD Display
  • Camera: Dual Camera
    • Front Camera: 5MP (wide)
    • Rear Camera: 13MP (wide) + 5 MP (Depth Sensor, AI Scene Detection)
  • Battery: 4000mAh battery (all day smart power with Octa-Core CPU)
  • Software: Android 10.0

Now, with the technical discussion aside, let me tell you what comes to mind when I think of the Alcatel 1V.

Typically, within any given day, I will use my mobile in the same manner as everyone else. This being a; personal organisation tool, a social media tool, and an actual phone.

Starting with personal organisation, running Android Software usually means that a device will do this pretty well. Keeping things simple with; alarm, calendar, and email there are no troubles with using this device at all. Plus, running the google software means that my Gmail and other Google accounts sync to the device very easily. The only question I had around this was, how secure is my day to day information should I lose my device? Well, similar to many phones in the market, there are three different forms of security that take away concern. I personally took advantage of the facial recognition and passcode unlock. Though, for added measure, there is also the finger scan lock on the back.

As a means of staying connected through social media, the Alcatel 1V is a great starting point for those looking to browse and connect with the people around them. My main apps that are used are; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok, which the device has no problem running on its system.

For those wanting to post their own pictures too, this is a great starting point for the everyday user. With features such as portrait mode and autofocus, those wanting to show off their local cafe or the view from their evening walk, most people will be satisfied with the image capture. Though not as high quality as perhaps other devices on the market, this sure gets the point across of what it is you would like to share.

If you were in the market for “just a mobile phone” this would tick all of your boxes and then some. Not only does the Alcatel 1V make phone calls, but it also has a responsive vibrative touch keyboard for text, as well as a security system to keep your information private. But, for those curious about what a smartphone may be able to do, this would give you the option to explore that without the pressure of an added extra price tag. Running at a price of $149.00 AUD (with a $30.00 Vodafone SIM Pack), I would highly consider this device if I needed one for my next overseas trip, or, for a family member who is looking for the perfect entry-level phone without committing their wallet to a decision.

Overall, I’m a fan of the possibility the Alcatel 1V brings to the market. That being, the accessibility, and connectivity of a modern mobile device.