Airbnb wraps up the year and shares what’s been hot in 2022 and what’s trending for 2023.

Airbnb top summer destinations
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Airbnb is wrapping up the year with a bow, revealing the destinations that topped the charts in 2022 and providing a sneak peek at what 2023 has in store for travel.

Tis’ the season for Summer Getaways
With Australia fully open for summer for the first time in nearly three years and another eventful year coming to a close, now is the time for Australians to book that long-awaited summer holiday. With many listings still available to book and over 60 categories to search from including ‘Beach’, ‘Beachfront’, ‘Boats’, ‘Amazing Views’, ‘Amazing Pools’, ‘Camping’, ‘Lakefront’ and ‘Tropical’, it’s not too late to secure that end of year getaway that many Aussies have been dreaming about.

With Aussies looking to spend some quality time at the beach, Airbnb data has revealed the top 10 most-searched beach locations in Australia, which include:

• Gold Coast, QLD
• Sunshine Coast, QLD
• Cairns, QLD
• Coffs Harbour, NSW
• Busselton, WA
• Newcastle, NSW
• Albany, WA
• Kiama, NSW
• Esperance, WA
• Denmark, WA

And while beach holidays are appealing to many over the summer period, there are also plenty of regional and inland holiday options with beautiful pools and other swimming spots to enjoy.

Alternatively, those who prefer land-based activities will find that vineyards, barns, farm stays, design and OMG! listings can all also be fantastic options for a holiday break.

“We know many Australians love to escape to the beach or relax near the water over summer, but travellers may find a new way to seek inspiration and mix things up this holiday season with our Category feature. With our over 60 Categories – including our six newly released Categories of New, Top of the World, Trending, Adapted, Play and Hanoks – there has never been a better time to plan that perfect holiday getaway,” said Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand

Whether it’s a beachfront stay, cozy cabin, farm stay, somewhere to cook a holiday feast with our chef’s kitchen category or an amazing pool, Airbnb has you covered these summer holidays.

“Not only is summer the perfect time to get away with friends and family and spend some time relaxing and recharging, it is also the perfect time to become a Host and make the most of your own home or a space that you own while you’re away and offset the cost of your travel plans.”

Earlier this month, Airbnb made it even easier to Airbnb your home through Airbnb SetUp, featuring one-to-one guidance from a Superhost, the opportunity to host an experienced guest as your first guest, as well as one-tap access to specially-trained Community support agents Together with even more AirCover for Hosts, which tripled damage protection to $3 million and expanded guest identity verification, among other top protections for both inside and outside your home, it’s a great time to become a Host and start earning.

The reopening of international borders in 2022 unlocked pent-up demand from those eager to reconnect with loved ones or visit their favorite destinations abroad. Across the globe, the following locations became the top trending global destinations that caught travellers’ attention this year, with three Australian cities cracking the top 10, based on searches on the platform during 2022.

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Málaga, Spain
4. Seoul, South Korea
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Itapema, Brazil
7. Angra dos Reis, Brazil
8. Capão da Canoa, Brazil
9. Auckland, New Zealand
10. Brisbane, Australia

In good news for our local hosts, Australia continues to be on people’s hit list as a go-to destination for 2023, with again three cities appearing in the top trending travel spots for 2023 international travel.

1. Málaga, Spain
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. Auckland, New Zealand
5. Bangkok, Thailand
6. Queenstown, New Zealand
7. Florianópolis, Brazil
8. Porto Seguro, Brazil
9. Perth, Australia
10. Salvador, Brazil

If you have a loved one who you know will want to discover one of these destinations and you’re still searching for that perfect gift, consider giving the gift of travel this holiday season with an Airbnb gift card. An Airbnb gift card unlocks access to the platform’s vast collection of unique homes and one-of-a-kind Airbnb Experiences.