Aeroplane Jelly’s 90th Birthday

Aeroplane Jelly's 90th BirthdayAeroplane Jelly's 90th Birthday

Aeroplane Jelly has a place in everyone’s memories with the fun jingle of “I love Aeroplane Jelly” chiming along as one of the songs in the soundtrack of Australian youth. To commemorate the milestone of 90 years in the childhoods of many not to mention as a feature around the birthday tables at countless parties, the brand is revelling in their historic background with a series of celebrations this year.

Everyone has an Aeroplane Jelly memory. My favourite Aeroplane Jelly creation is when my mother makes dessert Trifles, soaking sponge cake with fruit syrup, then creating layers of jelly, syrupy summer fruits, glorious thick custard and repeating, before finishing with freshly whipped cream decorated with pretty bits of fruit. But then again, nothing beats the ice-cream and jelly combination with a dashing of sprinkles on top!

On a sunny Summer’s Wednesday, we were invited to Coney Island at Sydney’s Luna Park to mark the launch of Aeroplane Jelly’s 90th Birthday. Following the yellow and red balloons to the entrance, we entered a room full of rides, jelly stalls even greeted by the famed Bertie the Aeroplane himself.

The tale of Aeroplane Jelly began 90 years ago, when a tram driver Bert Appleroth started creating Jelly Crystals and handing them out along his tram route. They were instantly a hit amongst the neighbourhood and his business ballooned, creating moments of joy, colour, fun and flavour to millions over the decades!

Wandering around there were various carts filled with delicious renditions of desserts all using jelly of course, as well as fun Blind Flavour Guessing Competitions, the ‘Jellyporium’ where you Designed-Your-Own Jelly Flavour and pretty photo wall backdrops for snapping away!

One area showcased the trends from each decade, ranging from the 1930’s classic Trifle, 1940’s Flummery (which I shamefully admit to never having heard of – showing my age!), the interesting looking vegetable filled 1950’s Jelly Salad, one of my favourite’s from the 1960’s of light airy fairy Jelly Cakes,  1970’s hoppy Frog in a Pond and Jelly Slices, one of Women’s Weekly’s most popular childhood birthday cakes the ‘Jelly Swimming Pool Cake’, 1990’s Layered Rainbow Jelly, Cupcakes from the 2000’s, and most recently their newest creation from the 2010’s of Glitter Jelly.

We heard from cooking and food personality Lyndey Milan about the company’s history as well as enjoyed watching vintage ads and cartoons advertising the brand. We all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ as Aeroplane Jelly’s CEO Paris Golden helped cut an amazing cake replica of the vintage Jelly Box and went on to serenade with the famous ‘I Love Aeroplane Jelly’ tune. Enjoying our sugar highs, we played on Coney Island’s rides, just like giant kids going down the big slippery dips, walking the room of mirrors and other crazy jaunts all whilst loading up on delicious desserts.

The brand will be launching Commemorative Anniversary packs, a 90th Celebration Recipe Book and an Australia wide Paper Plane competition as part of their birthday festivities! The sugar high sky rocketed, and we left with a goodie bag & bucket to keep us buzzing, loaded with Aeroplane Jelly products such as their new range of Glitter Jelly, Caramel, Sticky Date & chocolate flavoured Mug Cakes, vanilla & chocolate Desert Mixes, Original Jelly Crystals, Ready to Eat Jelly Cups, Jelly-Lite and Mousse mix. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday!

Written by: Nicole Burfitt-Williams @CoConixandCocktails


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