Boutique accommodation that is ADGE Hotel

ADGE Hotel
ADGE Hotel

Not long ago, I intended a stay-cation but was searching for a balance where I was close to the city vibes but not felt like I was stuck in a room with no open windows. So I stayed at The ADGE Hotel.

Whilst most apartment style hotels have similar ideas, I thought The ADGE Hotel had a little more to offer than meets the eye. With it’s cool graffiti like lobby area, to the bold colour choices in the room – this place spoke confidence.

Let’s start from the beginning

It’s location – close to The Porterhouse Irish Pub, The Winery, Oxford and Crown Streets. Perfect base to discover Sydney’s best restaurants, bars and unique shopping experiences.

Bold and spacious living. When I entered the room, it felt like a proper two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, living and dining room. I could swing my arms around and have plenty of personal and entertainment space. From the striped colour carpets to the amazing red SMEG fridge (if only I could take this home with me).

Washer and dryer tucked away behind closet – oh did I mentioned there was plenty of storage space around. A fully deck out kitchen with all the kitchen accessories you need for modern living.

No ‘push for soap or shampoo’ in the bathrooms. We are talking about APPELLES Apothecary skin and hair care products. I’m actual a fan of this product as it is free of chemical nasties and uses organic essential oils.

With a big smile on my face, a welcome cheeseboard and some delicious dessert treats. I should have stayed longer.

Is that enough to be different thought? Let’s take it up a notch.

* Free WIFI so you will never be without emails, Netflix, YouTube or Spotify
* Room service is available and it is catered by the local pub across the road.
* A balcony comfortable enough to relax with fresh air.
* No need for a compendium – they have an iPad with all the info you are searching for. Food and drinks menu, local info, what’s on around Sydney.
* To a mobile phone, where you can take this with during your stay. Umm .. how cool is that!

Breakfast is served at Baccomatto Osteria which is a standalone restaurant. Which I thought was pretty ordinary but offered the buffet essentials.

Before I settling down to a room service dinner. The ADGE hotel provided a turn-down service, with slippers. Well, that made my evening a little special.

Dare to be different isn’t a bold statement, it was their motto to excellent guest services.

I would definitely return back here (I wonder if could I move in, because my bags are ready).

ADGE Hotel
222 Riley St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
T: +61 2 8093 9888 |