Abseil for Youth

Abseil for Youth
Abseil for Youth

Profoundly exhilarating, launching myself off a 33 story office building on a charity abseil is an effective way of getting people’s attention and raising funds. Not to mention and hard not to missed – in a Spiderman costume!

Abseiling is thrilling, terrifying, adrenaline-fuelled and an unforgettable experience. What better way to make sure I didn’t chicken out at the top than the promise of a friend from the AU Review to join me in the climb (she was my Batgirl to Spiderman). The opportunity to raise money charity dollars for the Sir David Martin Foundation can often provide you with a level of inner strength you never knew you had.

Rise to the challenge

It’s simply a case of catching lift up to the 33 floor, 135m above ground and choosing your absiel team mate (this is the guy who is holding you up – literally!) and taking that one small step for Raf, one giant leap to make a difference Aussie youth. Ok, that was a little bit Neil Armstrong. Safety is of paramount and “we”, Nazia (@infinitenoms), Craig (@craigontoast) received our 101 crash course on how to abseil down with the rope and how to brake. We were in safe hands by experienced instructors for the entire duration of the event.

Abseiling is challenging, upper body strength and courage was needed. Our team was pumped (we were in denial clearly), but you know what. We helped each other out, laughed that we were doing this (pretty sure they were laughing about my spidey suit), but more importantly – why we wanted to participate. We all had our different reasons, but Sir David Martin Foundation works to support those in need in our communities and change their lives for the better. They rely heavily on community support, and a large portion of this is from fundraising events.

Take a look through the abseils pictures and click for details of the challenge and charity/charities and how you can be involved. I felt great achieving something I haven’t done and had the opportunity to chat with the General Manager from the Sir David Martin Foundation, Alex Green on a couple of things.

Q. Where did the idea fruition with Abseil for Youth?
Abseil for Youth has been running for seven years.  It originated from a conversation about young people at Triple Care Farm facing huge challenges in their life, and thinking what sort of challenge can the public take part in and thereby raise money to help students at the Farm

Q. Sir David Martin Foundation support those in need to change lives of people aged from 16-25yrs. What does the foundation offer?
SDMF is the main funder of Triple Care Farm – a residential rehabilitation service for young people struggling with chronic addiction and other issues including mental health, homelessness, abuse, trauma, social isolation and unemployment. In addition SDMF funds other services for young people in crisis including arts therapy and early intervention programs. Visit www.sdmf.org.au/youth-progams/triple-care-farm for more info.

Q. When was your first abseil and how did it make you feel and who did you bring with you?
I have abseiled about 10 times, the first time when I joined the Foundation in 2012.  It made me feel nervous and then energised and exhilarated when I had completed it.  Some of my abseils have been with friends, students from Triple Care Farm and professional athletes.  Sometimes the biggest, toughest guys have been the most scared, whilst the smallest or youngest have been most willing to face the challenge!  I have also seen people abseil in every type of fancy dress you can imagine.  So many superheroes!  I think for many people, wearing fancy dress costume or a mask allows them to ‘put on a face’ which lets them confront their challenges more easily.

Q. I heard SDMF is going to attempt to beat a world record?
This October participants in the Abseil For Youth will be attempting the world record for the largest number of face-first abseilers.  Abseiling face first is even more scary and confronting that going backwards.   If we get more than 50 people prepared to do it face first, we will get the world record!

Investa Abseil for Youth
20 – 22 October 2016
www.abseilforyouth.com | www.sdmf.org.au
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