Travel with WiWander for unlimited WiFi


I know that I am not alone in this. Getting access to WiFi when travelling is somewhat a mission in some countries, let alone unlimited access. Driven by the fast paced of technology, it is becoming more important to travellers to have access to the interweb – to be included in accommodation rates, free WIFI at cafes and public places, AND to avoid them outrageous roaming fees.

Glued to social media, check-ins, Snapchat, Instagram, transferring money, blogging, emails – tigers, lions and bears, oh my!

Have you heard about WiWander? Just to note, I have yet to use the product, but look forward to testing this in my upcoming overseas trip from Australia.



Australian travellers can now experience the ease of connecting to WiFi from any location with the pocket sized device which provides unlimited WiFi access, eliminating the need to hunt for WiFi elsewhere.

From five dollars AUD $ a day, Australians can rent a WiWander router for their next overseas trip and enjoy unlimited WiFi access while abroad. Based on the number of days the customer will travel, unlike other services that charge customers for the amount of data used. This makes it easier for travellers to know exactly how much they are spending on WiFi before they depart and eliminates the extra expense of hefty data-roaming

It is quite easy to order online, and book at least five working days prior to your departure date. The device is delivered to your door one day before you leave. Switch it on and enjoy your unlimited WIFI for the duration of your trip. Returning it easy aswell, they pick up the day after you land.

Designed with travellers in mind and includes features they have been longing for but haven’t yet received including a sleek, light weight and portable design, simultaneous multiple device connectivity and battery life of about six hours.

WiWander pocket wifi is currently available in Singapore from $10/day, Taiwan $12/day, Hong Kong $$12/day, Japan $12/day, China $12/day, South Korea $12/day, USA $18/day, Malaysia $12/day, Thailand $12/day and some countries in Europe $12/day.

Special offer to all readers: to receive a 10% discount on a WiWander device for your next trip. All you need to do is book online on with your trip details using the special code: WIWANDER

Have you tried the WiWander, let me know your thoughts and tips.

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