An Operetta at the Playhouse: 2 Weddings 1 Bride

Two weddings One bride

It was the first seeing an opera or operetta, but I had the feeling, that the premiere of the operetta “2 Weddings, 1 Bride” would be a perfect entry into the genre. I have always been a fan of musicals and I was interested in watching an opera, but very unsure if it was really for me. Musicals, operas and operettas exist on the same spectrum and operettas can be seen as an easy entry into operas. “2 Weddings, 1 Bride” was typical for its genre and therefore more on the light side of life. The performance is meant to be a comedy and there to entertain.

The story is set in 1941 in Morocco. The French Governor plans the weddings of his twin daughters and while the first wedding goes well, the second daughter is kidnapped by pirates. However, the second husband to be arrives and he is not a man to mess with. He demands to get married straight away and lacking the second daughter, the family marries the first daughter to him, under the name of the abducted daughter. After these events, a hilarious cat and mouse game begins, during which the parents try to keep the new husbands from their daughter, while trying to get the other daughter back.

It is a very light-hearted performance, with opera style music and hilarious overacting. The performance is accompanied by a band, which plays the music live during pretty much the whole of the 90-minute performance. The performers clearly have a great deal of talent and add to the story with grand gestures.

After the performance, I attended an exclusive after show party – where the foyer was crowded with people talking excitedly. Canapés where carried around by waiters and the wine and champagne flowed. The lobby had Moroccan style decoration in certain places, which gave it a middle eastern flare. The food was Moroccan style as well. I especially enjoyed the various dips with pieces of bread.

After a couple of speeches, which acknowledged and thanked everybody involved in the production of the operetta, I spotted one of the actresses in the crowed. I walked over to her and congratulated her for a great performance, before snapping a selfie with her.

2 Weddings, 1 Bride will be shown at the Playhouse until October 22, 2017 and is suitable for all ages. I would especially recommend it to people, who want to enter the world of Opera, as this performance will be an easy way in. However, even people, who see operas regularly will be able to enjoy the show and have a great night of entertainment.

29 April – 22 October 2017
Tickets from $99 + $8.50 booking fee

Two Weddings One Bride
The Playhouse, Sydney Opera house
 Sydney Opera House @SydOpereHouse @sydneyoperahouse

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