Heineken® 3 or your money back.


Heineken®, international purveyors of premium quality beer, have introduced a bold new scheme to ensure Australians have the opportunity to try their latest innovation, Heineken® 3, risk free with the launch of a Money Back Guarantee. If consumers are not completely satisfied with the taste the brand will refund their money, enabling drinkers to try it out completely risk free.

Heineken® is so confident in the taste of its lower calorie and lower carbohydrate Heineken® 3 product that they have no reservations about launching the new initiative. The idea is to encourage Australians to try it for themselves with nothing to lose and experience how they can ‘have it all’ – lower calories, lower carbohydrates and award-winning taste. If they are unsatisfied with the taste all they have to do it tell Heineken® why, and get their money back.



Heineken® 3, was introduced last year to cater for the change in Australian consumer needs as they search a more balanced lifestyle without compromising on the taste and quality of their beer. It is the perfectly balanced easy drinking mid–strength beer ideal for those day-time drinking occasions. The brand launched in spectacular style at an exclusive indoor-outdoor rooftop beach club party in Sydney last year and has been extremely well received so far, providing the perfect opportunity for Australians to enjoy a spontaneous and easy-drinking experience.

To be eligible for Heineken® 3’s Money Back Guarantee, consumers can buy a 6 or 12 pack of Heineken® 3 between January 23 and March 4 2017. For those that don’t like the taste, they will be able to log on to a dedicated website – www.haveitall.beer – and tell Heineken® in 15 words of more why they don’t think it tastes great. Heineken® will refund money back into consumers’ bank account or to Heineken’®s chosen charity partner.

Heineken® 3 is available at all good liquor stores nationwide. For full terms and conditions of Heineken®’s Money Back Guarantee, visit www.haveitall.beer.