Shine at The Harvest Buffet

The Star: Harvest Buffet

The Star invites people to gamble, but dining at the Harvest Buffet is like winning the jackpot. The restaurant with its freshly cooked food is a guaranteed winner and that is the reason why guests, who didn’t reserve a table ahead of time, have to queue up. But the wait is absolutely worth it. The restaurant is very large and has different seating areas. But despite the huge turn over in the number of guests, a multitude of chefs are preparing the fresh food right in front of the eyes of the guests.

The Harvest Buffet offers a high quality all-you-can-eat buffet with dishes from various regions. The Asian style station even offers my favourite, duck. And another thing I noticed with great delight, is that the spring rolls seem to be made by hand and are not coming out of the freezer like in many other restaurants. Another food station has more the Australian style dishes, such as chicken wings and grilled beef. It also includes boiled vegetables and other delicious foods. Apart from an Indian and an Italian food station, there is also a salad bar and on certain days of the week a seafood bar.

However, their desert section is one of the absolute highlights. The Harvest Buffet offers everything, from ice cream over cakes, to freshly made crapes and popcorn. Even the chocolate fountains offer a wide variety of flavours. In this section guests can also find a cheese and bread bar and coffee machines. With this fantastic variety, it is no surprise, that I even saw some people skip the other meals and go straight to the desert section.

The restaurant of course, also contains a bar, where drinks can be ordered. I settled down with my favourite, Vodka Cranberry, and Aidan first had a red wine and after that, he even had a cocktail especially put together for him. Even the service at the Harvest Buffet is outstanding. Everybody is very attentive and despite so many guests sitting down to eat, everybody is looked after and the service is quick and always very friendly.

Even the busy chefs take time to have a quick talk to guests. The staff really make their guests feel, like they are the most important thing in the world, which makes for a brilliant experience. The Harvest Buffet is the perfect choice for any occasion and creates a fantastic dining experience that I will certainly recommend.

Harvest Buffet
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Contributor: Monique Pitzer, born and raised in Germany and came to Australia for the first time in 2008. I have worked as a freelance Journalist and Writer in Germany for about 8 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and specialized in literature. In 2015 I have started my own business here in Australia and work as a writer, tutor, story editor and translator. I am also an author and self-published my first book in 2016.